Rotarian Singles Fellowship International

The Rotarian Singles Fellowship was first started in Oakland, California in 2007 by CP Marlene Daniels and finally chartered in 2009. RSFI’s mission is to provide a networking experience for Single Rotarians.

This is a delightful way to share ideas, make travel easier and more economical by sharing room expenses, provide support for Rotary service activities, make lasting friendships and practice the ideals of Rotary.

Members of RSFI meet once a year at the RI Convention where the AGM will also be held. They have a booth together in the House of Friendship, join together for dinner, activities, local travels, fun and fellowship.

Presently, RSFI has 304 members around the world.

2East USA79
3West USA57
4Central and South America and Caribbean17
8Australia, New Zealand and Oceana42