We Offer Respite

A “cage home” is a bunk bed surrounded by a metal cage, about 6’x3’ or 18 sq. ft. (A prison cell is 80.7 sq.ft) . “SDUs” (subdivided units”) are tiny cubicles, slightly larger than a cage, equally miserable . There are about 60,000 cage homes & 100,000 SDUs in HK presently.

According to government studies, living in such conditions without respite lead to a host of problems: Adults: increased violence, mental illnesses, gambling, drug use, crimes. Children: No self esteem, easily misguided. Elderly: increased abuse & suicide cases. Many dwellers work in low pay jobs in conditions worse than their homes. Psychologists warn that these residents MUST get out from time to time to preserve their sanity. Sadly, they seldom do, because:-(1) High transportation costs, (2) Long working hours, (3)fear of getting lost (4) unexpected costs might incur,(5) others might laugh at them (6) getting robbed …

With the help of the government’s Welfare office, we take residents out on major festivals: Chinese New Year, Moon Festival, & Christmas. We offer a little respite, or “give them a break”.